Newton Massachusetts Window Restoration and Repair

Restoration and repair of Newton Massachusetts wood windows from the late 18th, 19th, and early 20th.
Massachusetts homes built prior to 1920 with original wood windows.

What We Do...

We are New England’s wood window restoration and repair experts., inc will restore your Newton massachusetts windows to looking as good as new. Your wood windows will work as they were intended with ease of movement, opening and closing smoothly with minimal effort. We’ll help increase their energy efficiency with the installation of a spring bronze weather stripping.

Wood Window Restoration

  • Remove interior and exterior paint
  • Repair lock bites, loose and rotted joint and nail holes
  • Rails and Muntins replacement as needed
  • Sand wood surfaces to prep for Prime and Paint
  • Glass restoration and/or plate as needed
  • Rebed and reglaze glass
  • Paint interior and exterior window surfaces
  • Install bulb gasket weather-stripping to each bottom sash window
  • Clean windows, and deliver back to the site.

Mechanical Wood Window Repairs

  • Remove existing window suspension system.
  • Install new sash chain or cord rope and tape balance.
  • Install Spanish cedar parting bead.
  • Re-align each side stop to allow the window to open and close properly
  • Re-set existing locks to lock correctly, or install new ones as needed.
Wood Window Restoration and Repair

Why Replace When You Can Restore!

With over 20 years’ experience and expertise there will never be a reason to replace your windows.

Newton Massachusetts Window Restoration and Repair Services

Wouldn’t it be nice to open and close your wood windows like they did when they were first installed?

Interior and Exterior Newton Massachusetts Window Restoration and Repair estimates that the majority of people living in houses with original double hung wood windows have never experienced them working the way they were originally intended.

We will not only restore your windows but our team will come out to your home and turn those hard to open wood windows to where they will open and close smoothly with minimal effort along with improving their energy efficiency.

Mechanical Wood Window Restoration and Repair

Restore Your Wood Windows to Fully Operational Condition

Mechanical Wood Window Repairs

Windows that are hard to open; painted shut or prop with a stick are the thing of the past when you choose!

Our team will remove existing cord rope and re-engage your window weights with new copper/zinc/brass sash chain or replace with new cord rope.

Install a spring bronze weather-stripping to your window jambs to help tighten up your windows when opening and closing. Spring-bronze Weather-stripping will increase energy efficiency and make your windows work easily.

Mechanical Wood Window Restoration and Repair

Protect your newly restored window with an exterior Storm Window

Storm Window Installation

To protect our restoration work and increase energy efficiency, we have been providing our customers with the leader in storm windows by Harvey Tru-Channel Triple Track Storm Windows and Allied Double Track Storm Windows. Historical Committees throughout New England accept these products because of their design and thin profile that doesn’t interrupt your view of the interior windows. Plus, each product offers color choices of White/Black/Bronze and Almond., Inc. is proud to be a preferred business partner for Harvey’s Tru-Channel Storm Windows, a well-known name throughout New England for over 50 years. The Harvey Tru-Channel Triple Track storm window is easy to operate, energy efficient and appealing to the eye. 

For Historical or Non-Historical homes that have incorporated a turret in its design with bowed glass windows in all types of shapes and sizes, we offer the Allied Storm window another proven provider of storm windows throughout New England.

Read our reviews below to see what people are saying!

Duncan Sanger
Friendly, responsive staff, reasonable prices, and excellent experience!
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We have used 3 times in two separate locations over the past decade or so and plan to keep coming back for more! It is so exciting to lift the window sash for the first time after the repair and restoration work has been done and feel the silky smooth operation as if it was a brand new window. I am so glad we can restore our old hardwood windows rather than replace them with cheap wood or vinyl at a much higher cost. is the perfect service for those who wish to preserve the authentic look, feel, and operation of their existing windows. Friendly, responsive staff, reasonable prices, and excellent overall experience every time!
Meghan Clinard
I have recommended them repeatedly after our experience.
Read More came out to restore all of the 21 windows in our 100-year-old home last year. We have now lived with them and used them through all seasons and are thrilled with how beautifully the work. Before, we struggled with opening the sashes in one or both directions, would need a stick to prop some of them open in the summer, and felt drafts all winter long. The repair work Nicholas did was thoughtful, careful, and gorgeous. A year on and, despite a couple of panes that cracked and they repaired, it’s been a smooth transition to these “new” windows. Customer service was, and I would do this process again in a heartbeat to save original windows. I have recommended them repeatedly after our experience. Thank you for a job well done.
Anne Katsas
Everyone was very polite and respectful and did excellent work.
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We had an outstanding experience with Jim responded to my inquiry very quickly and scheduled an estimate very promptly. Nicholas and his assistant, Jackson, did a terrific job restoring 14 windows in our 1889 home. Everyone was very polite and respectful and did excellent work. It is a pleasure to have our old windows working again. We are now looking forward to our new storm windows (ordered through to be finished and installed.

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