Wood Window Mechanical Repairs

Wouldn’t it be nice to open and close your windows like they were intended when they were first made? Are your windows tired? Are they chipped and damaged with glazing and glass half falling out and layers and layers of paint with windows that close like a guillotine? Are they Drafty? Don’t replace when you can restore your wood windows with Windowrepair.com!

Windowrepair.com will come out to your home and turn those hard to open wood windows to where your windows will open and close smoothly with minimal effort along with improving energy efficiency. We estimate that over half of the people living in houses with old windows have never experienced them working the way they were intended. Most people who call to have their windows restored do so because they have been living for years with windows that shake, rattle, stick, fall, don’t lock or open and are drafty. These window problems are not because of their design but because of a lack of maintenance and that’s where we can help!.


“Your company’s work significantly exceeded my expectations. The windows move smoothly and silently. Not only do they NOT rattle, but they transmit much less street noise. The difference is quite dramatic and has increased the enjoyment of my home. I was expecting to feel that I had paid a lot for what I got. Instead, I feel good about the expenditure. I bought a lot more enjoyment than I thought I would.” Charlie B. -Brookline




Mechanical Restoration and Repairs

Remove existing rope and install new copper/zinc/brass sash chain.






Remove any existing weather-stripping and install spring bronze weather-stripping on the window casing. Weather stripping will help to reduce drafts, increase energy efficiency and make your windows work easily.





Replace the existing parting beads with new stained or almond ‘Spanish cedar” parting beads.





Windowrepair.com also offers a variety of window locks as needed.