Spring Bronze Weather-Stripping
Spring Bronze weather-stripping is hand-cut and installed in window jamb for the top and bottom window sash.
Mechanical Window Repairs
Mechanical window repairs make your windows easy to use and lock correctly with the lightest pressure.
Sash Cord Rope vs Sash Chain
The fact is Windowrepair.com will install either material. In most cases we’re seeing more and more homeowners choosing sash window chain. The visual effect of a sash chain can be dramatic, with different finishes to choose from such as copper/brass/zinc creating a variety of effects.

If the cords on your sash windows are broken or have been cut WindowRepair.com can replace them for you.

Mechanical Window Repairs & Weatherization

Our team is Lead Safe and Certified where we remove existing cord rope and re-engage your window weights with new copper/zinc/brass sash chain or replace with new cord rope. Replace your existing Parting Bead wood with new customized stained or natural ‘Spanish Cedar” Parting Bead wood. The Parting Bead is vertical strip of wood where your windows slide up and down on. We also replace old windows that operate on a “Metal Tape Balance”.

We will remove any existing old aluminum tongue and groove weather-stripping and install a spring bronze weather-stripping to your window casing to tighten up your windows when opening and closing then add Spring-bronze Weather-stripping to help reduce drafts and increase energy efficiency.

Finally, we make sure your windows lock correctly, as well we can offer a variety of new window locks as needed.

The purpose of a mechanical window repairs is to not only make your windows operate and lock with ease but to be energy efficient as well

Our Process for Mechanical Window Repairs

  • Lay down plastic tarps to protect any furniture and rugs in the working areas.
  • Remove window from its opening and “wet” scrape (to eliminate dust) were needed to relieve tightness.
  • Remove the existing cord rope and install new Cord Rope or Copper/Brass/Zinc sash chain.
  • Lubricate channels and pulleys to eliminate squeaky pulleys.
  • Remove metal tape balance with new metal tape balance.
  • Remove any existing old aluminum tongue weather stripping. 
  • Install spring bronze weather stripping to eliminate looseness and increase energy efficiency.
  • Install bulb gasket weather-stripping to each bottom sash as needed.
  • Install new custom-made parting bead
  • Replace Restoration or Plate glass as needed.
  • Re-weight windows as needed.
  • Re-install sashes and align side stops.
  • Reset existing window locks or replace window locks.
  • Reinstall window and reset the side stop to align properly so it will operate smoothly.
  • Reinstall your window to operate smoothly.
  • During clean up, Windowrepair.com uses a HEPA vacuum.

**Windowrepair.com, Inc. adheres to state and federal EPA Best Practice guidelines by using HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) vacuums for on-site cleanups. HEPA differ from conventional vacuums in that they contain filters that are capable of trapping extremely small, micron-sized particles. A true HEPA filter can trap 99.97 percent of all airborne particles larger than 0.3 microns.

Mechanical Wood Window Restoration and Repair
Wood Window Restoration and Repair

When all the impediments to motion have been removed a double-hung, rope and pulley window should move with the lightest pressure, almost fingertip effortless. When a good sweep lock is present and properly aligned, it pulls the middles together, and forces the top up and the bottom down, locking the whole assembly tightly.

Read our reviews below to see what people are saying!

Duncan Sanger
Friendly, responsive staff, reasonable prices, and excellent experience!
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We have used Windowrepair.com 3 times in two separate locations over the past decade or so and plan to keep coming back for more! It is so exciting to lift the window sash for the first time after the repair and restoration work has been done and feel the silky smooth operation as if it was a brand new window. I am so glad we can restore our old hardwood windows rather than replace them with cheap wood or vinyl at a much higher cost. Windowrepair.com is the perfect service for those who wish to preserve the authentic look, feel, and operation of their existing windows. Friendly, responsive staff, reasonable prices, and excellent overall experience every time!
Meghan Clinard
I have recommended them repeatedly after our experience.
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Windowrepair.com came out to restore all of the 21 windows in our 100-year-old home last year. We have now lived with them and used them through all seasons and are thrilled with how beautifully the work. Before, we struggled with opening the sashes in one or both directions, would need a stick to prop some of them open in the summer, and felt drafts all winter long. The repair work Nicholas did was thoughtful, careful, and gorgeous. A year on and, despite a couple of panes that cracked and they repaired, it’s been a smooth transition to these “new” windows. Customer service was, and I would do this process again in a heartbeat to save original windows. I have recommended them repeatedly after our experience. Thank you for a job well done.
Anne Katsas
Everyone was very polite and respectful and did excellent work.
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We had an outstanding experience with Windowrepair.com. Jim responded to my inquiry very quickly and scheduled an estimate very promptly. Nicholas and his assistant, Jackson, did a terrific job restoring 14 windows in our 1889 home. Everyone was very polite and respectful and did excellent work. It is a pleasure to have our old windows working again. We are now looking forward to our new storm windows (ordered through Windowrepair.com) to be finished and installed.