What Are Storm Windows
Storm windows are mounted as additional windows, either to the inside or outside of your homes windows.
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There are Many Benefits to Installing Storm Windows
Installing storm windows can be a simple, inexpensive way to increase the efficiency of your home's existing windows
Improve Your Homes Exterior Appearance with Storm Windows
We offers several finish options to choose from to complement the color of the home’s exterior.

Storm windows can protect windows from damage due to prolonged exposure to sun, wind, acid rain, snow, ice and other harmful elements.

Storm Windows are Energy Efficient

We meet plenty of homeowners who think that their storm windows will last a lifetime, which is incorrect. Based on the harsh New England weather, the life of a storm window is anywhere from 12-20 years before they need to be replaced.

60% of your heat loss is based on an old storm or lack thereof and the other 40% heat loss is due to an interior window that’s not button-upped correctly.

With an old wood window there’s more air space between a storm window and wood window, approx. 3”, compared to the air space between two tightly squeezed panes of glass in a replacement thermos-pane window. By reaching these two goals you will achieve that all important R-value, the measurement of a materials resistant to heat flow.

Installing storm windows offer the insulating properties of replacement windows but for a fraction of the cost.

About Storm Windows

Over the years we have been providing are customers with the leader in storm windows by ProVia Aluminum Storm Window. A storm window is a self-contained unit that has a triple track design and removable panels for easy cleaning and a screen for air flow.

ProVia Aluminum Storm Windows are easy to operate and comes with twice as much weather stripping as other storm windows on the market.

For Historical or Non-Historical homes that have incorporated a turret in its design with bowed glass windows in all types of shapes and sizes, we offer the Allied Storm window.

To ensure that your storms will be energy efficient we install spring bronze weatherstripping to block air infiltration and greatly reduces noise pollution.

WindowRepair.com Recommends ProVia Aluminum Storm Window

Benefits of Using ProVia Aluminum Storm Window

  • Approved for airport sound abatement programs.
  • Fully weather-stripped sashes and master frame.
  • Multi-chambered, heavy duty master frame.
  • Independent meeting rail, interlocked and weather-stripped.
  • Twice the weather-stripping as ordinary storm windows
  • Both sash interlock with a sturdy frame tie bar for maximum wind resistance
  • Triple-Track “combination” design for self-storage of sash and screen and sash tilt-in capability
  • Fiberglass screen included; upgrade options available
  • Among the lowest air infiltration rates (.05 CFM/FT) of any storm window made
  • Marine glazing seals keep the glass tight and secure in its frame

Read our reviews below to see what people are saying!

Duncan Sanger
Friendly, responsive staff, reasonable prices, and excellent experience!
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We have used Windowrepair.com 3 times in two separate locations over the past decade or so and plan to keep coming back for more! It is so exciting to lift the window sash for the first time after the repair and restoration work has been done and feel the silky smooth operation as if it was a brand new window. I am so glad we can restore our old hardwood windows rather than replace them with cheap wood or vinyl at a much higher cost. Windowrepair.com is the perfect service for those who wish to preserve the authentic look, feel, and operation of their existing windows. Friendly, responsive staff, reasonable prices, and excellent overall experience every time!
Meghan Clinard
I have recommended them repeatedly after our experience.
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Windowrepair.com came out to restore all of the 21 windows in our 100-year-old home last year. We have now lived with them and used them through all seasons and are thrilled with how beautifully the work. Before, we struggled with opening the sashes in one or both directions, would need a stick to prop some of them open in the summer, and felt drafts all winter long. The repair work Nicholas did was thoughtful, careful, and gorgeous. A year on and, despite a couple of panes that cracked and they repaired, it’s been a smooth transition to these “new” windows. Customer service was, and I would do this process again in a heartbeat to save original windows. I have recommended them repeatedly after our experience. Thank you for a job well done.
Anne Katsas
Everyone was very polite and respectful and did excellent work.
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We had an outstanding experience with Windowrepair.com. Jim responded to my inquiry very quickly and scheduled an estimate very promptly. Nicholas and his assistant, Jackson, did a terrific job restoring 14 windows in our 1889 home. Everyone was very polite and respectful and did excellent work. It is a pleasure to have our old windows working again. We are now looking forward to our new storm windows (ordered through Windowrepair.com) to be finished and installed.