Mechanical Restoration

Mechanical Restoration:

window-leftThe purpose of a mechanical restoration is to make your windows work and lock easily. When all the impediments to motion have been removed a double-hung, rope and pulley window should move with the lightest pressure, almost fingertip effortless.

When a good sweep lock is present and properly aligned, it pulls the middles together, and forces the top up and the bottom down, locking the whole assembly tightly.

This, in combination with weatherstripping, gives a window that is reasonably airtight. When a good storm window is present, the total energy savings are the same as or better than a double-pane insulated glass “modern” window with strings, springs and plastic things!

– Remove window from its opening and “wet” scrape (to eliminate dust) where needed to relieve tightness.

– Install copper-dipped sash chain in double-hung window that has a chain or rope pulley system

– Install a spiral tube suspension system (in most non-suspended windows)

– Install spring bronze weather stripping to eliminate looseness and increase energy efficiency.

– Install new custom-made parting bead

– Lubricate channels and pulleys to eliminate squeaky pulleys.

– Reinstall window and reset the side stop to align properly so it will operate smoothly.

– Reset original lock or install a new one, to tighten up the window at the meeting rails.

– Reinstall your window to operate smoothly.



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